Antoine Smart 

I am a self taught photographer from New Jersey, I am currently based in the Washington, DC area.  

I started off taking pictures of landscapes and cityscapes. I eventually started taking portraits more.  This has allowed me to combine my love for landscape/cityscape photography with portrait photography. In 2015 I began my beard chronicles series which has allowed me to meet different people and travel to different cities. From the Beard Chronicles series I have discovered a passion for street/fashion photography. I however, do not want to place my self into one category of photography I feel like there is always room to grow and expand.  I have been able to partner with Nature Boy Grooming Products, Jree Desiree Collections, Barnana and Sneekis.  I like to bring humor and wit to my captions on Instagram to help bring my audience to the picture. I am looking to continue to capture great photographs that I hope to leave an impression on people.